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Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Gorman Bros. Invitational Draft Details

After the draft party on April 27th, teams will be able to trade players. The trade deadline will be midnight Friday.

It has been suggested by Mike Grady that we incorporate a "combine" into draft day. He recommends that each player hit 5-10 shots at the range in front of the discerning eyes of the team captains. I think this is a good idea. A player's stock can go up or down as a result of such a workout, so this feature will bring extra credibility to the process.

As Player-GMs, the captains will not have to workout at the combine. I see this as a positive for a short-knocker like me.


Anonymous Jack said...

Thanks J5, looking forward to teeing it up this year with you guys. I just received word from my agent that I won't be in the combine on the driving range Friday but rather making martinis in the men's grille. You can look for me there.

10:16 AM  

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