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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Masters -- A Few More Items

Yesterday's final round of the Masters Tournament was a welcome surprise. Zach Johnson did what I've been waiting so long for other players to do -- stand tough against Tiger in a major. Tiger did his part to beat himself, but Johnson by no means backed into the winner's circle. Hopefully something will click for other Tour pros, and they will begin to believe that Tiger is not invincible. If there is a Tour-wide shift of mindset, the next few years will be very exciting.

Like many people, I was glad to see the back nine birdies and eagles on Sunday. Had yesterday been like Saturday, the Masters' unique position as the baddest tournament in the world would have been in jeopardy. I'm sure Fazio, Hootie, et al breathed a sigh of relief that +5 did not win the tournament.

I found this little gem of an article a few days ago and have been waiting to post it. It is a tremendous account about how tough of a ticket the Masters is. It makes me think that the easiest way for me to get access to the tournament in the future will be to have a press pass issued to Networked Golfer. Enjoy!


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