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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bayonne Makes T&L Golf List

My brother Jimmy is a member at Bayonne Golf Club. Needless to say, it's an incredible track, made even better because of its location along the Hudson River. It has views of the New York skyline from almost every hole, but the course doesn't rely on the views for the accolades it's been receiving. I played it this past summer with Jimmy, Tim Maxwell and Jack Hession, and I owe everyone a post about the experience. It will be coming soon.

In the meantime, I received my new issue of Travel & Leisure Golf in the mail today, and it lists Bayonne as one of the Top 10 New Courses in the World. Nice work, Jimmy. When am I going to be invited back to play?


Anonymous Jack said...

Nothing leisurely about Bayonne, that’s for sure. My dogs were barking midway thru that round after walking up and down those huge mounds looking for stray shots. Not too mention, my bag had a tendency to be on a different hole than what I was playing because J5 was trying to find a better approach angle to the green. It didn't help that Johnny questioned our caddy's ShotLink and asked for outside advice. Ooops.

Strange factoid: course rating / slope
Congressional Blue 73.2 / 135.0
Bayonne 72.6 / 137.0
Caledonia 72.1 / 140.0
Kinloch 75.4 / 141.0

You know . . . the Gorman brothers could always form a boy-band. They've got the dance moves and they sure can sing.

3:38 PM  
Blogger John Gorman said...

I agree that "leisurely" was a poor choice of words. It's not only a tough walk from tee to green, but the greens have some of the wildest mounds and humps that I've ever seen. And it had to be stimping at 11.

I have a feeling Kingsley the Caddie didn't make it through the fall at Bayonne. He's no Fluff Cowan or even Fanny Sunesson.

As for the boy band, maybe the Gorman Four will appear in April in Atlantic City.

10:29 AM  

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