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Monday, January 15, 2007

No More Michelle Wie Bashing

This blog is officially a Bash Free Zone for Michelle Wie. It's a place for her to take refuge from her many critics in the media.

On Networked Golfer, Michelle can forget her most recent train wreck at the Sony Open, where she finished Friday 14 shots outside of the cut and 25 shots out of the lead. Here, she can tune out everyone who says she shouldn't be playing with the men. Our site is a respite from the harrowing memories Michelle must be experiencing from embarrassing herself a few months ago in Japan, Europe, and Pennsylvania, where she finished last or second to last against the men. Networked Golfer can be Wie's sanctuary from her inconsistent overall game and lackluster putting that plagued the second half of her 2006 LPGA campaign.

Sorry we can't help her hide out from her overbearing, know-it-all father, B.J. Wie. He's the one responsible for getting her into this mess in the first place.

My prediction for her in '07 is that she wins once on the LPGA at a weak field event, but she will continue to struggle. And, her sponsor exemptions on the guy's tour will start to dry up (it's about time). If she wins nothing, she could go into such a tailspin that she'll become the Jennifer Capriati of women's golf.

Like I said, we're not bashing her here...


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