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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Gatorade Tiger" a New Twist on My Old Idea

A couple of years ago, I wondered why Tiger Woods did not have his own sports or energy drink. I couldn't believe he did not have his own brand. My idea was to have him hook up with an energy drink maker like Hansen Naturals and have his own line of energy drinks called something like Tiger's Milk, Tiger's Sweat, or Tiger's Eye. Golfers and non-golfers would lap it up, and Woods would get a cut of the profits or sales for allowing the company to use his name and image.

I should have done something about it because it turns out he had a similar plan. Instead of creating a product with a lesser-known company and putting his skin in the game, he has chosen to hook up with Pepsi and allowed them to license his name on a new line of sports drinks called Gatorade Tiger. He's getting a ton of cash for it, and there's absolutely no risk. I think the upside of my idea is higher, but I can't criticize his decision for going with a top brand and being paid a set fee for the license.


Anonymous Champ said...

J5, you can lap up Tiger's sweat all you want and maybe Tiger's Schweaty Balls can be his power bar? I have my own power drink, Bud Light baby.

Word on the street has been that lots of individuals are looking to step up and challenge the 2007 GBI champions. I'm thinking its about time to have a back-to-back team champs on the plaque.

12:00 PM  
Blogger John Gorman said...

Back-to-back isn't going to happen. Who do you think you are, Curtis Strange?

The commissioner's team is going to take the title this year. I'm going to use all four of my eyes to putt like Bobby Locke, and my teammates are going to play like the Brits at the Ryder Cup.

You be better off being put back into the draft.

5:06 PM  

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