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Monday, March 03, 2008

No Respect for the Non-Tigers on Tour

There have been a rash of articles lately about the possibility of Tiger Woods winning every tournament he enters on the PGA Tour in 2008. I find this a little bit disturbing, not because Tiger isn't by far the best player in the world and on a serious hot streak, but because it gives little credit to the other top-notch players on Tour. Like the marketing guys from Ponte Vedra Beach like to say, "These guys are good." They don't say, "This guy Tiger is awesome!" -- even though the talking heads on the telecasts would have you believe he's the Tour's only asset.

No matter how good Tiger is, and no matter how much he cherry-picks his schedule to play in tournaments he likes and where he has had immense success in the past, golf is a fickle game. A bad week of putting, some errant drives, or one big week from an equally hot golfer will break Tiger's streak. Saying that Tiger will win them all is very disrespectful to all of the other excellent players.

I imagine he'll win a bunch of tournaments this year (I predicted nine wins in a previous post), but because golf is golf, and there are lots of talented players at the game's highest level, I think any talk of an undefeated year should be shelved until he wins at least five or six more in a row. If that happens, the other players will be running scared even more than they are now, and they'll be helping Tiger fulfill the golf writers' prophecies.


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