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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Intriguing Masters Groupings

The groupings for the Masters were made available today. How they are picked is anyone's guess, but I've always thought the tournament committee must have fun setting the lineups for Thursday and Friday. Here are the groupings that I find most intriguing and why:

Player - Jimenez - Trahan: This is just plain odd. I don't see what any of these guys have in common. I figured they would have put Player with some higher-profile golfers since he'll be playing in his record 51st Masters.

Crenshaw - Thompson - O'Hern: I think this is a great group for the amateur, Thompson. Both of his partners and laid-back, and Crenshaw has a nice touch with people. Playing with Gentle Ben should benefit the young man from Alabama.

Johnson - Donald - Ogilvy: The green jacket could be slipped on anyone in this group. Their styles of play are similar (except Ogilvy is a little longer), and they should all feel comfortable playing together.

Woods - Cabrera - Appleby: Cabrera took down Woods at Oakmont last year, and Appleby played poorly at Augusta with Tiger on Sunday in 2007. I'm not sure what the dynamic will be, but it's going to be interesting to see how they play together.

Clark - Toms - Fasth: This is a sneaky-good group. Toms hasn't done a whole lot in a while, but I imagine there will be lots of birdies between the three of them. I have a feeling at least one player from this group will finish in the top six or seven.

B. Watson - Garcia - Calcavecchia: I never would have thought to put these three together, but it's one group I would follow around if I were at Augusta. You have a bomber, a should-have-been, and a grizzled vet. If Garcia can keep his head on straight, he has a chance to silence his critics. It's a longshot, but you heard it here first.

Scott - Casey - Goosen: This is another group with a lot of firepower. I also like the fact that they're from all over the globe. If Scott can get the putter working, all three of these guys should land in the top ten come Sunday afternoon.

Mickelson - Romero - Choi: This might be my favorite grouping. Mickelson and Romero are both swashbucklers. It will take all the discipline he can muster for Phil to stick to his game plan while paired with Romero. Let's hope he doesn't pull a monkey-see-monkey-do. Finally, Choi is steady as she goes, so he'll stick out like a sore thumb in this threesome.

Which groupings do you like the best? Which ones are the goofiest?


Blogger Tom said...

My vote is for Weekley, Immelman, and O'Hair. The only reason this is interesting is because Weekly is in it. I wonder if they allow cranes in that he can stare at constantly, dip cups on every tee, and a fishing rod so he can fly fish while he is waiting in his camo. That guy rules...the dark horse of Masters 08

4:54 PM  
Blogger John Gorman said...

I considered putting them on my list, but it seemed a little obvious. Any group with Boo is one to watch.

He's either going to miss the cut by a mile or top ten it.

5:45 PM  

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