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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One More Video of Me Golfing

This was my third crack at using my new software to edit video. I think it has some nice touches, and it's short enough that you won't be bored.

Anyone who is a student of the game will see that my swing has plenty of "issues." I've been working on not getting stuck at the top, and my game has improved since the time this footage was shot. Enjoy, and be thankful for the swing you possess. Or, be thankful that I haven't caught you on tape!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Golf Highlights Video Posted to Youtube

I bought a new computer last week, so the first thing I did was load some golf footage I had taken since January. I have lots of B roll left over, so I'll be making some shorter videos later. I'm just getting the hang of the editing software, so expect more professional clips in the future. This first one has scenes from Atlantic City CC, Harbor Pines, Hilton Head, Swan Point, the Vineyards at Renault Winery, and the Atlantis.

Below is my first crack at becoming golf's answer to Cecil B. DeMille.