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Friday, August 19, 2005

My New Idol

I have a new idol. His name is Leon Wentz. Mr. Wentz is a 68 year-old businessman from California who recently completed the gargantuan task of playing every course in Golf Magazine's Top 100 Golf Courses in the World list (2003). This achievement is bigger than it seems at first glance. Here's why:

1) Most of the courses on the list are private.
2) The courses are in 13 different countries.
3) He paid to travel to each course out of his own pocket.
4) The list changes every two years, and he insisted on staying current when a new list appeared. He said there were 11 courses that he had already played that he had to substitute new courses for when the updated lists came out.

I've heard of people playing every course on various US lists, but nailing everything on a World list is beyond belief. He mentioned in the Golf Magazine article that it took several years of networking to get on some of the Japanese courses. He must really believe in the Six Degrees of Separation concept.

You have to admire someone who can achieve such lofty goals. Leon Wentz is the man!


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