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Friday, October 21, 2005

Evidence That My Golf Goal Is Reachable

I have a new friend named Nick who at 67 years old, has already reached my major golf goal of playing 1,000 different golf courses. When I last spoke to him, he was at 1,094, and he's adding to that number all the time. In fact, he has played over 290 different courses that he had never played before during the past two and a half years. Simply amazing.

When I made my bet with my buddy Jim that I would play 1,000 courses by the time I turned 70, I was confident that I would do it. It's about 23 courses per year. In some years I'll play less, and in others I'll play more. However, what Nick reinforces for me is that once I retire, the sky's the limit. When I no longer have to work, I should easily be able to rack up 50-75 different courses per year. At least that's my hope.

Either way, Nick has shown me real evidence that I'm not crazy to set my goal at 1,000. He's even raised the ante; his new goal is 1,500. I'm not ready to raise my goal (I'm only at 161), but it sure sounds appealing...


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