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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wish List for 2008

My mother wants me to do a post on my golf resolutions for the new year, but I've altered her request slightly and am writing a wish list instead. I asked her to write a guest article, but she came up with a sudden bout of writer's block the second I mentioned it.

Here goes:
I wish....
1) To play 30 courses I've never played before.
2) To break 80 at least five times.
3) To have a double-bogey free round (it's been a while).
4) To enter the local qualifier for the US Amateur Public Links in June.
5) To play golf in South America or Asia.
6) To win GBI.
7) To play at least one of the following courses: Congressional, Aronimink, Five Farms, The NGLA, or Pine Valley.
8) To make an eagle.
9) To improve my wedge play.
10) To have more of my NetworkedGolfer readers click on my ads.


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